13 May, 2011


Our love story is an adventure, we met through the Lonely Planet Travel Guide's User Forum. I put a post up asking if anyone knew of places in New Zealand I had to see to photograph.  Aeon replied and shared his insights.  From there our love of travel & photography brought us together. After over 5 years of being pen-pal's we actually had the opportunity to meet in person. What happened after that is history. We've decided not to create a traditional registry for our wedding & instead ask those who are wishing to gift to couple to consider a donation to our adventures and travels after our commitment ceremony Sept 10, 2011.  Our dream is to travel to Patagonia together for a few months.  Down through Chile to Patagoina National Park.  We're looking into volunteer opportunities that will take up the first part of our trip and then the second part of our trip we will be our personal trekking adventures.  Lots of details to sort out, money to save and the exact departure date is still un-decided. However we're working towards taking this 2-3month trip in DEC of 2012.  With your generous contribution we will take time off to travel, help SEND US ON OUR WAY together as husband and wife, as we create new memories and have new experiences doing what we both love the most, traveling & documenting. Sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts thank you to each one of you for being in our lives. We look forward to keeping in touch as our adventures continue. Every penny donated will go towards our travels. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being in our lives & THANK YOU for sending us on our way together! 

If you wish to send a check rather then donate through PAYPAL please send to 
Aeon & Jana Jones 
6339 Explorer Drive. 
Las Vegas, NV 89103 

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About US... Aeon is a Leo, Jana is a Leo. Our birthdays are on consecutive days which makes it easy to remember! We are both creative and passionate and love being outdoors experiencing all of nature's wonder. We are very much in love and are so happy to have found each other. We have a beautiful story; it is a story of friendship and love, adventure and growth, fun and self expression. We've been friends for a long time and now we're starting a life together as a couple.