13 May, 2011


Our love story is an adventure, we met through the Lonely Planet Travel Guide's User Forum. I put a post up asking if anyone knew of places in New Zealand I had to see to photograph.  Aeon replied and shared his insights.  From there our love of travel & photography brought us together. After over 5 years of being pen-pal's we actually had the opportunity to meet in person. What happened after that is history. We've decided not to create a traditional registry for our wedding & instead ask those who are wishing to gift to couple to consider a donation to our adventures and travels after our commitment ceremony Sept 10, 2011.  Our dream is to travel to Patagonia together for a few months.  Down through Chile to Patagoina National Park.  We're looking into volunteer opportunities that will take up the first part of our trip and then the second part of our trip we will be our personal trekking adventures.  Lots of details to sort out, money to save and the exact departure date is still un-decided. However we're working towards taking this 2-3month trip in DEC of 2012.  With your generous contribution we will take time off to travel, help SEND US ON OUR WAY together as husband and wife, as we create new memories and have new experiences doing what we both love the most, traveling & documenting. Sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts thank you to each one of you for being in our lives. We look forward to keeping in touch as our adventures continue. Every penny donated will go towards our travels. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being in our lives & THANK YOU for sending us on our way together! 

If you wish to send a check rather then donate through PAYPAL please send to 
Aeon & Jana Jones 
6339 Explorer Drive. 
Las Vegas, NV 89103 

13 July, 2010

So we've decided to take a trip

A lot has gone on in our lives recently.

Aeon's business plans for his climbing gym may be on hold until our economy rights it's sail. I recently lost my mother to a 22 year battle with breast cancer.

My personal business is still growing and I'm grateful for that, however we are concerned and aware of the political, economic, environmental, an financial changes happening within America and ask ourselves what will the next year or two bring and how are we going to move through it?

We're going to take a road trip.

Right now we dream of a grand adventure and we can't think of a better time to do it then after our wedding an before children.

We never know what happens in life, why put off for later in life an adventure you can do today.

Aeon and I are actively working towards a more mobile life.

What that holds for us we're not sure.

Please keep up with us as we prepare for our trip.

Keeping up with the Jonesz @ sendusonourway.com

Love & Light
Jana & Aeon

22 March, 2010


Valentines Day 2010

So this was officially our 2nd Vday... We decided to go for a much needed hike!!!!!! We took ourselves and Walter on the white rock loop up at Red rocks!!!!! It was perfection!!!! outdoors with my lover and puppy!!!!


So, Aeon and I are moved into our new home.... no worries images will follow soon of the move in.. Aeon's working on another movie for that. so I'm sure he'll post is as he gets done.

In the meantime, I wanted to rite about our plants!!!!! We are so excited.
We decided to grow our own food,,,, or atleast try to do so.

From seed to sprout this is where we are.
Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon, building our planter boxes or earth boxes some call them... they are 4x8' and we've built 3 of them.

Our seedlings will hopefully be planted in the ground in the next few weeks.... and god willing we'll be able to eat the well deserved fruits of our labor soon!

This was a fun adventure... full of HARD WORK but we are making a point to enjoy the process.

We've planted cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, basil, rosemary, grapfruit (aeon loves grapefruit) lemons, strawberries and lettuce.


Here are a few pics we took.
100% organic, grown in LV!

12 January, 2010

A Picture Perfect LOVE affair

I love that girl so much.... I think I'll marry her!

22 December, 2009

We're Engaged!!!!

OMG! He asked me!!! To marry him that is. On a totally normal Tuesday evening, Nov 24 to be exact! I was finishing my day at S P A C E just working late after sending an estimate out and I got a phone call from Aeon.
He wanted to know when I'd be at the house? I thought this was a little out of the ordinary but didn't think too much about it... I let him know I'd be leaving shortly and I was on my way. Well after I got into the car, I accidentally and out of habit drove to our apartment... this delayed me about 15 minutes from arriving at the house. Aeon called again to see where I was. I was thinking Jesus! I'll get there when I get there.
I arrived at our house and he met me outside... he was wearing knee pads from installing the hardwood flooring in the guest bedroom. He had his sweatshirt and beenie on and looked adorably handsome. I was a little frustrated and really wasn't looking forward to working on the house yet another night after all I was in vacation mode and looking forward to heading to PA for Thanksgiving.

As I was walking in to the house, he grabbed my hand and said " I have a surprise for you, close your eyes." So I did+ I actually kept them closed. (That was a 1st)

He walked me through the kitchen, living room and outside near the pool. The whole time, I was thinking to myself that he was going to show me the ceiling fan he installed in the living room and wanted me to see if from outside. I was thinking this is a lot for a ceiling fan, and why are we outside it was freezing.

Then he said " Open your eyes" I opened my eyes and the pool was full of floating tea light candles... it was beautiful! I turned to my right to see Aeon on one knee and he asked " Jana, will you marry me"?

For the first time in my life, I was speechless. I couldn't speak.. nothing came out. After about 20 seconds I said YES! YES ! YESSSSSS!!!!!
We hugged, kissed and I cried. Tears of joy for sure!
It was perfect, and he totally surprised me.

The rings are very sentimental and beautiful. He had them made. Most of all the coolest part is the shape of the rings after the salad bowl he bought in Fiji years ago. The diamonds are re purposed diamonds from his Great grandmother on his mothers side and from his grandmother on his fathers side.

+ its all on VIDEO.

We'll let you know when we decide on a date.


Holiday Update + Letter

This Holiday marks our second year together as a couple… and there are many more to come! With life speeding up this year and heading into overdrive, we've decided to send a letter. Here is our year end summary. ;-)
What a busy year we had! December 30th of last year saw us packing up Jana's belongings in Hermosa Beach, CA and schlepping it all in a U-Haul to Fabulous Las Vegas, NV where we were going to try our hand at living together for our first time. So far, so good! After spending the month of January with our brother, Mikey V, we found a cute little one bedroom flat that overlooked a pool and was walking distance to a park. Nice!
One of Jana's New Years resolutions was to do more photography and less assisting and production this year. So Jana poked around the local advertising industry, made some great connections to do her photography work and boy did she get it - along with creating some of the best work she's ever done! Jana spent some time renting a small office in the downtown 'Arts District' of Las Vegas until she decided to branch out and move across the street to a bigger and better location that has become S P A C E - a gallery/studio/office set up for creative thinkers, movers and shakers. With the First Friday and Swap Party events, it is becoming a real hub of activity. Jana's photography is expanding and with an influx of assignments from NY and, at the turn of the year, official representation out of LA, she is going to have a busy 2010.

Aeon worked for a short time for the 2010 US Census and, in June, landed a full time job that is helping pay the bills. He continues to work on his business plan and is planning on attending the annual CWA (Climbing Wall Association) conference in Boulder, CO in May to make more contacts in the indoor climbing industry. He is constantly moving towards his goal of being his own boss with the end END goal of owning/running "Higher Ground" - Las Vegas' preeminent indoor climbing center.

Together we have made many, many steps towards our future in the furiously-paced past 12 months. We made our most memorable and adorable purchase in the spring from the Lied Animal Shelter - for the best $150 either of us has ever spent we brought home, on the 24th of April, the cutest addition to our young family; our Schnoodle, Walter. He continues to be a most wonderful and adorable companion, is sharp as a tack and we have pretty much run out of tricks to teach him because he learns them so fast and so well. We are constantly receiving praise for how well behaved he is (thank you Nat Geo for that Dog Whisperer show) and comments on how cute he is.

In May we traveled up through Utah into Wyoming to help Aeon's dad and his girlfriend, Monte, on their newly purchased ranch. We spent a week doing work where a year isn't enough time to get done what needs doing. It was great fun, hard work and a beautiful place where Jana and I shared some truly memorable experiences. It was also our second major road trip together proving, yet again, that we are able to travel together. Very important for that 'next step'.

Early August was our birthday celebrations in the wonderful climbing park of Crawdad Canyon near Veyo, UT. Aeon's parents and many friends from the Vegas climbing community, and even Jana's friend, Janis, were there to help us celebrate.

The end of August found us playing and creating on the Playa of northern Nevada at the Burning Man Festival. For those of you who don't know what buring man is: It is a spiritual, artistic week spent in the company of 50,000 other spiritual creative individuals. Full of art, workshops, parties, music and pure fun. Jana and I shared some deeply meaningful energy there and we are planning on going back in 2010.

In October we made our second most memorable purchase. With the help of our friend, Sarah, we purchased our first home together. YAYY!!!!. We 'closed' in early October and have been working hard to have it move-in ready by Christmas. Both of our families have pitched in to help us get it livable and we have made MUCHO progress on it since closing. BIG thanks to Ron, Audra, Mikey V., Wade, Bobbie, Phyllis and Barry for taking time out of your schedules to put in some long, sometimes backbreaking hours getting this place t

This new house is quickly becoming a home, as we start to make memories there. On November 22, Aeon asked Jana to be his wife. It was a surprise as she had no idea. She actually thought he wanted her to come to the house to help work on it before their surprise trip back east for Thanksgiving. Instead, when she got there, she he had a surprise waiting for her. A pool full of tea light candles and Aeon on one knee. She said YES !!!! (there's video to prove it) and we double surprised her family back in Pennsylvania with an unannounced visit for Thanksgiving dinner and the news that we were officially engaged. Everyone seems very happy for us. Most importantly we are happy, we are excited and we are deeply in love!

Some Highlights – Jana did her first lead climb at NEW JACK City in March; She looks forward to hitting the rock again when we get moved into the house and has a little more time for climbing. We went on a huge canyoning trip in Zion NP and had an absolute blast with friends. Aeon had a small epic on a climb here in Red Rocks with his friend Erik. After several frantic calls to search and rescue, Jana was waiting at the end of the trail with Gatorade and much needed H2o. There were tons of BBQ's and pool parties to attend over the summer living here in Las Vegas... There is never a dull moment!

Forgive us for not sending more than this letter this holiday season. This year the house got the money! It is a really nice house now that we've spent nearly all of the last three months working on it. A decent sized 3/2 with a garage and a pool in southwest Vegas is where we'll be calling home for the next few years. You are welcome to come and visit anytime.

We wish you happy holidays and hope you are surrounded by close friends and family and an abundant new year full of positivity and love!

With Love,

Aeon, Jana & Walter

where it is today! And thanks to Ray for all the tools that have proven so very useful.

05 October, 2009


One of the best things about US is how much we love each other!!!!! How that is constantly growing more and more and more........

PLUS we have tons of FUN together!!!!!!!!!
Aeon... I couldn't of done it w/o you. THANK YOU FOR ALL your help on my studio!


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About US... Aeon is a Leo, Jana is a Leo. Our birthdays are on consecutive days which makes it easy to remember! We are both creative and passionate and love being outdoors experiencing all of nature's wonder. We are very much in love and are so happy to have found each other. We have a beautiful story; it is a story of friendship and love, adventure and growth, fun and self expression. We've been friends for a long time and now we're starting a life together as a couple.